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Go Dog, Go was the title of a famous children’s book penned more than 50 years ago by P. Eastman, but it is also what we say when we see some of these dogs take off running.

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Also known as the Parson Terrier by the American Kennel Club, the Jack Russell Terrier earned a prestigious reputation a couple centuries ago as an amazing fox hunter.

Despite being a favorite family dog, this breed has never shook off his confidence, ready attitude, tenacity, speed or endurance traits.

This long-legged, smooth-coated racing breed has been clocked at speeds up to 45 miles per hour, sparking its nickname: the 45-mph couch potato. This is a breed blessed with speed bursts when overcoming prey, especially hares, but one who craves lounging on sofas in between races.

“There are no good studies on this, but it looks like Greyhounds are not substantially faster than some other breeds like Border Collies and probably other larger, lightweight breeds,” says Dr.

Snowfall on an Alaskan mountain range has more than doubled since the start of the industrial age, a new study has revealed.