Attige oil massage stories

I eventually wound up in a really cool side street behind my hotel, where I found one of the more lavish looking massage parlours (is that what you would call them? I spend a moment looking over their menu and a charming young Thai woman walks up and says “massage? I pause for a moment before settling on the half hour Thai massage for 90 baht (a little less than ).As much as I wanted to go for the full hour, I felt a little unprepared for that.

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My mind drifted off into a peaceful place as she continued working me.

She started on my feet, rubbing the soles, relieving the ache, then up to my calves, then all the way up my thighs, sliding her hands up and down my legs.

Well as it turns out, all of the legends were true, as every where you look you see all sorts of massages advertised for less than the price of a Big Mac back home.

Well yesterday morning I found myself with some time to kill, and decided to wander the streets near Khaosan Road and see if I could find an acceptable place to get my first massage.

Mia reached up for a sponge and dipped into the water, she let the hot soapiness drip over me. Her body slipped and slid over mine, her hot wetness collided with my hard-on. Just when I thought I couldn't stand the teasing anymore she dipped her hands back into the hot soapy water and lightly touched the tip of my cock. My cum seeped up over her hands and she slowly released her grip.