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[Physiol.] adductoradelpho- n [occurring in compounds] adelpho-, adelph- (1. twin) Hence: monadelphe etc.; Philadelphia [Gr.] n [Physiol.] gland Hence: adenitis; adenoma; adenoide; adenose; adenographia etc.adenitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] adenitisadenographia (-ía) n adenographyadenoide adj adenoid, adenoidaladenoides npl adenoidsadenoma n [Pathol.] adenomaadenose adj glandulous, adenoseadeo (-éo) interj farewell, good-by(e)adepto n adeptadequar v to equalize Hence: adequation; adequate-inadequateadequate 1. adj adequateadequation n adequationadherente n adherent, followeradherentia n adherence, attachmentadherer [-her-/-hes-] v to adhere (1. as in “to adhere to an opinion, party, etc.”) Hence: adherente-adherentia; adhesion; adhesiveadhes- see adhereradhesion n adhesion (1. assent)adhesive adj adhesive, stickingad hoc [L] ad hoc (= for the sake of this particular case, well-suited for this matter)ad hominem [L] ad hominem; argumento ad hominem argumentum ad hominem[adhuc] adv to this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far, yet, stilladieu [F] n farewell, adieuadipe (ádipe) n animal fat, body fat; also: adeps Hence: adiposis; adipose-adipositate; adipocera etc.adipocera n adipocereadipose adj adipose, fatadiposis (-ósis) n adiposis, fatty degenerationadipositate n adiposity, fatnessadir v 1. to attain, enter upon; also: [Law] to enter on (an inheritance, etc.) Hence: adition; aditoadition n [Law] entering upon (an inheritance)adito (ádito) n adit, entrance (1.

access)adjacente adj adjacent; angulos adjacente adjacent anglesadjacentia n adjacency (= state of being adjacent)adjacer v -; adjacer a to lie near or close to, border upon Hence: adjacente-adjacentiaadject- see adjic-adjectival adj [Gram.] adjectival, adjectiveadjective adj [Gram.] adjective, adjectival Hence: adjectivo-adjectivaladjectivo n [Gram.] adjectiveadjic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives] Hence: adjective &adjudicar v to adjudge (= to award judicially, as a prize, etc.); adjudicar a to knock down to (at an auction) Hence: adjudication; adjudicative; adjudicator; adjudicatarioadjudicatario n highest bidder, purchaser (at an auction)adjudication n 1. knocking down (at an auction)adjudicative adj adjudging, awardingadjudicator n adjudger, awarderadjunct- see adjungeradjunction n adjunction (= the act of joining or adding)adjunctive adj adjunctiveadjuncto n 1. [Gram.] adjunctadjunger [-jung-/junct-] v to join, unite (one thing to another) Hence: adjunction; adjunctive; adjunctoadjurar v to adjure Hence: adjurationadjuration n adjurationadjustabile adj adjustableadjustage (-aje) n [Mach.] assembly (of the parts of a machine)adjustamento n adjustment (= action of adjusting)adjustar v 1. [Mach.] to fit together, set up Hence: adjustage; adjustamento; adjustabile; adjustator; readjustar-readjustamento, readjustatoradjustator n adjuster; [Mach.] fitter, setter, etc.adjut- see adjuvaradjuta n 1. the persons collectively managing public affairs, an institution, business, etc.)administrative adj administrativeadministrator n administrator, manageradmirabile adj admirableadmiral n admiral Hence: admiralato; admiralitateadmiralato n admiralship, admiraltyadmiralitate n admiralty (1. government department in charge of naval affairs)admirar v to admire Hence: admirabile; admiration; admirative; admiratoradmiration n admirationadmirative adj admiringadmirator n admireradmiscer [-misc-/-mixt-] v to admix Hence: admixtionadmiss- see admitteradmissibile adj admissibleadmissibilitate n admissibilityadmission n admission (1. act of conceding the validity or truth of)admitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to admit (1. to acknowledge as valid or true) Hence: admissibile-admissibilitate, inadmissibile-inadmissibilitate; admission-inadmission; readmitter-readmissionadmixt- see admisceradmixtion n admixture, admixtionadmoner v to admonish Hence: admonition; admonitor; admonitoriadmonestar v to admonish Hence: admonestationadmonestation n admonition, admonishmentadmonition n admonitionadmonitor n admonitor, admonisheradmonitori adj admonitoryadoculamento n (action of) fixing one’s eyes uponadocular v to fix one’s eyes upon, glue one’s eyes toadolescente¹ adj adolescentadolescente² n adolescentadolescentia n adolescenceadolescer v to grow up, to become adolescent Hence: adolescente-adolescentiaadonic adj Adonic, Adonianadonico n [Pros.] Adonicadonie adj Adonian, Adonicadonio n [Pros.] Adonic Adonis (-dó-) npr [Gr. Adrianopolis (-ópolis) npr Adrianopleadriatic adj Adriatic (1. pertaining to the Adriatic); Mar Adriatic Adriatic Adriatico n Adriaticadular v to adulate Hence: adulation; adulator; adulatoriadulation n adulationadulator n adulatoradulatori adj adulatoryadulciamento n 1.

Over the past two decades, we have all become fatter.

In 1994 in Denmark, 7% of women and 8% of men were classed as obese. This is according to a study carried out by the National Institute for Public Health.

against a wall, etc.)accumulamento n heaping or piling up, accumulationaccumular v to accumulate, heap up Hence: accumulamento; accumulation; accumulatoraccumulation n accumulationaccumulator n accumulator (1. storage battery)accurrer v to come running, rush upaccurtamento n shortening (= act of making shorter)accurtar v to shorten, make shorter Hence: accurtamentoaccusabile adj blameworthy, liable to be accused; accusableaccusabilitate n blameworthinessaccusamento n accusing, accusationaccusar v to accuse; accusar reception de to acknowledge receipt of Hence: accusamento; accusabile-accusabilitate; accusation; accusativo; accusator; accusatori; accusato-coaccusatoaccusation n accusationaccusativo n [Gram.] accusativeaccusato n accused, defendantaccusator n accuseraccusatori adj accusing, accusatory; also: accusatorialacerbar v to acerbateacerbe adj acerb; also: sour, bitter, harsh Hence: acerbitate; acerbar-exacerbar &acerbitate n acerbityacere n maple, maple treeacetabulo n [Rom.