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Use these tips to get those hormones raging all the more harder. When both of you are together, find every excuse to graze each other’s body parts often, be it while pointing at something, while crossing the street or while kissing each other goodbye.

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Good friends and BFFs are usually best avoided for booty calls.

If things don’t turn out right, you may end up losing a good friend over a few awesome but mindless minutes of sex. Cozy up with this friend of yours when you meet them or speak to them over the phone.

It’s a perfect arrangement between two mature adults who are sexually attracted to each other, but don’t want to share a romantic relationship with each other.

As long as you find the perfect friend with benefits and follow the rules, both of you could sexually exploit each other and still stay friends, without the risk of experiencing heartbreaks anytime soon.

The allure of a booty call is what sexual fantasies are made of.