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“Hamilton was under enormous pressure to show it was willing to take a hard line against male students accused of sexual assault in order to dispel the notion that its campus was an unfriendly and unsafe environment for women,” the suit reads.

Doe was heavily sanctioned by the college 12 days before he was supposed to graduate.

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Ramy, 32, funded his college education differently.

Ramy’s family helped foot some of the bill — and he took out loans to pay for the rest.

“John Doe” accuses Hamilton College of changing its sexual-misconduct investigative procedures so drastically in response to Obama administration Title IX “guidance” – since rescinded by the Trump administration – that it effectively denied him due process and discriminated against him based on his gender.

As with other lawsuits alleging procedural and gender-related violations by colleges in response to Title IX investigations prompted by accusers, Doe’s complaint alleges Hamilton ignored his text-message evidence that the accusations were a setup.

Either prompted by MF or “in order to save her relationship with” her boyfriend, Brown filed a complaint against Doe based on a “non-consensual sexual act” with her in September 2014, the suit claims.