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Women play the heartbroken role – we cry, we eat a lot of ice cream, we glue ourselves to our best friends, and we wonder what went wrong.

Men play the typical “over it” role – they go out, they immediately find a new girl to hang with, they seem, by all accounts, perfectly fine. Are these stereotypes rooted in truth, or are they total BS?

If someone makes it clear that they don't like you that way, don't keep pursuing them! Stock photo © DRB Images, LLCfedezen: The same that makes a man creepy: Neediness. It makes it seem like you have nothing else to do with your time, like you're obsessed with that person.

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But according to science, it’s accurate for the majority, and that’s good enough for now!

Okay, so remember that meme I showed you that says that guys are fine in the beginning of a breakup while girls are crying; then guys are miserable months later while girls have moved on?

If you change who you are depending on who you're dating, it shows you don't have a real sense of self... Stock photo © Martin Dimitrovyouhaveoneday: Unpredictability. However, I also feel like this kind of explosion that this guy is talking about can sometimes happen because girls are told that if they speak their mind too much, it makes them "crazy." So they keep things bottled up, until suddenly, they explode. Stock photo © Mlenny Name My Ex Doesnt Know: I'll recap some of creepiness I've encountered as a guide. If you call someone a dozen times a day and think that's normal, there's something wrong with you. Yes I like spending time with you, but I have my own life and hobbies. Basically it boils down to not communicating in a healthy manner and finding ways to get into your life through coercion, manipulation or force.

When people exhibit this behavior, it always sends up red flags.

Meanwhile, girls feel all of the sadness right away, and manage to process, get through it, and move on at about the same time dudes are starting to actually feel those emotions.