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Once you've identified recreational vehicles that meet your needs, NADA Guides for RVs allow you to enter the make, model, year and other details for a used RV and get an estimate of that vehicle's fair market value.

While the NADA Guides are commonly used by lenders and dealers to determine book value, keep in mind that you might do considerably better than the estimated value, particularly if you buy directly from an eager seller.

En español | If you're in the market for a used motorhome or other type of recreational vehicle, fall and early winter can be a good time to buy.

While many snowbirds are heading south in their RVs in search of warmer weather, there are plenty of other folks who enjoyed the summer camping season and are now looking to unload their rigs rather than pay to store and maintain them during the long winter ahead. Buying a used RV that's still in good condition can save you real money.

In some cases the lender will want to inspect and approve the used vehicle.

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