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He is given to Legolas Thranduilion, an arrangement that pleases no one.As Legolas and Gimli struggle with one another, Sauron rises in the east.

Oldman plays Mc Conaughey's dwarf brother, and Dinklage is a pistol-packing French Marxist “midget activist”. And I have my own opinions about political correctness, but I was just like: 'It’s Gary Oldman.

"There was some flak," Dinklage admitted to The New York Times.

In 1995, Dinklage made his movie debut with a part that brilliantly pinpointed his predicament: in the art house hit Living in Oblivion, his character accosts the director of the film-within-the-film, played by Steve Buscemi, about being cast as a dwarf in a dream sequence. The only place I’ve seen dwarves in dreams is in stupid movies like this.” These days, Dinklage is less sensitive about his size: last year, he joked he was going to copy Beyoncé and develop a signature fragrance called “Midgeté Midgeté”.

“Is that the only way you can make this a dream – put a dwarf in it? And he’d previously proved pretty game in the Will Ferrell comedy Elf, as an obnoxious children’s book author who drop-kicks Will Ferrell for mistakenly calling him one of Santa’s elves (“He’s an angry elf! Dinklage's true breakout role came with The Station Agent, about a train-obsessed loner who inherits a tiny depot in rural New Jersey. “He has the looks, he’s cool, he just carries himself in that way of a leading man.” But with his next film, Tiptoes, Dinklage didn’t exactly prove Mc Carthy right.

There was a scene in the final moments of a recent episode of Game of Thrones that demonstrated precisely why Peter Dinklage is such a unique acting talent.