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Increasing interest in Twitter’s popularity has resulted in its interest by internet marketers, movie and pop stars and also business people.

Businesses, big and small, as well as regular folks are trying to use this technology to their advantage.

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1.2 After adding the user’s name and password we can login to the right account. They are grouped in the following way: 2.1 Who To Follow – searching for persons with potentially the same interests as yours (who have the same hobby or lifestyle, or who may be interested in your service or product, etc.).

2.2 Add Follows – following the persons found in the search (based on the criteria you have defined) and their tweets; most will follow back, which will allow them to see your entries and to receive direct messages that you can send individually or collectively.

Only one message will be sent to each follower, until you clear the sent messages log.

Here you can: use copy/paste (like in text editor, so you can just paste messages) load messages from/save to file use the links shortener, to post your links post YOUR MP3 file to your twitter account choose from sending messages to: newest followers first oldest followers first followers added today followers added this week in any order clear a log with messages – this allows you to send MORE THAN ONE message (DM) per follower.

2.1 Who to follow – you can search for a person using the following search criteria: by Tweet Keywords (target interests) – search for users by keywords used in their TWEETS This function finds users who have posted tweets that contain the keyword that you search for, so you can find people that share the same interests.