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Starring Kwon Sang-woo, Yu Ji-tae, Son Byeong-ho, Eom Ji-won, Kang Sung-jin, Lee Ju-shil, Jeong Won-joong, An Gil-gang.

A hot-blooded detective enters into an uneasy partnership with a cool, ruthless prosecutor in a bid to take down a gang boss who harbors political ambitions. Produced by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

Bewitching Attraction ["Yeogyosu-ui eunmilhan maeryeok"] Written and directed by Lee Ha. Starring Kim Ji-soo, Jo Jae-hyun, Eom Hyo-seop, Jang Hyun-sung, Ki Joo-bong, Yun Je-moon, An Kil-gang. Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment. Soon she meets three men, each of which betray her. Starring Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Ha-neul, Lee Sang-woo, Jang Mi-in-ae, Park Ji-bin, Jeong Min-ah, Jeong Gyu-su.

The beautiful, abused wife of a man with political ambitions tries to kill herself, but is saved by a police detective who has developed a fascination for her. Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment. Starring Bong Tae-gyu, Kim Tae-hyun, Jeong Gu-yeon, Ha Seok-jin, Jo Dal-hwan, Nam Yun-myeong. Produced by Cineon Entertainment and Sachoonki Pictures. A woman of Korean ancestry living in China lives with her only son, making a living by selling kimchi without a license. An aspiring stuntman and a woman who dreams of becoming an actress have been friends since childhood, but their friendship becomes complicated when each of them start dating someone else.

Starring Moon So-ri, Ji Jin-hee, Park Won-sang, Yu Seung-mok, Kim Young-ho, Jeong Woo-hyuk, Shin Ju-ah.