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Here are the pros, cons and red flags to consider before you start dating someone who’s an introvert.y date’s awfully quiet — not asking me too much about myself. There are pros and cons to dating an introvert: they are often more interesting, loyal, focused on you, and are deeper and more confident than outward appearances might initially suggest.

“When I met my boyfriend Alan, I thought, ‘this guy couldn’t be less interested,’” says Washingtonian Sarah, 32. He just had a slower, shyer approach to asking me out.

At most, you can aim towards capturing your readers attention long enough for them to send you a message, but to do that you must engage their interest.

Here are a few tips how to do precisely that: Your username, unlike your tagline or photo, is something that usually is unchangeable – so pick carefully.

It’s challenging to connect if the other person prefers shorter conversations to longer ones, or emails and texts to talking on the phone.