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Dessutom kan du hitta time spent, referrals, annonsmaterial och kontaktuppgifter till sajterna. – Som annonsör kan du använda KIA-index för kampanjplanering, utvärdering av digitala kampanjer och för att få insikter om hur internetsverige ser ut och utvecklas över tid.

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Khia dating

Her father was a military man, and whenever he was reassigned the family had to move. “I was always the new girl.” Growing up Kia considered herself a tomboy. Of course I said yes.” Kia made friends with one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson, who put in a good word for her with the boss.

Friends and family urged her to try modeling, but she had no interest. She was living in Atlanta, where a stint at Hooters earned her a spread in the restaurant’s 2004 calendar as well as three Atlanta Dymes calendars and a role in a 50 Cent video. “I was supposed to stay for three days,” she says, “but I ended up staying at the Mansion for three months, and the Bunny House for another five.” Kia is a successful model and sports journalist in Los Angeles, and a successful DJ, too.

In January 1989 the second generation Bongo Wide (sold as plain "Bongo" in most export markets) appeared.

It was largely a rebadged SR-series Mazda Bongo Brawny. In October 1994, Kia's new logo replaced the old "chimney" design.

This did not stop the Besta from immediately becoming the highest selling minivan in the Brazilian market.