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She told Savelovsky district court in Moscow that the loan company stated on it website that 'at the moment of paying off the debt' clients 'feel an inner satisfaction and calmness that is comparable to the state after having an orgasm'.

She claimed: 'This particular web article induced me to sign the micro credit contract.'When she visited the loan company office repay the debt 'my mood did not get better'.

A claim-belief interaction is a type of fraudulent media advertising where an advertiser will make a claim that leads to a mistaken belief by the consumer.

But MOST (**not all**) of the women bash men as though ignorance is gender-based. Why do BBW's fill their profiles w/ pics from the shoulders up. me'n11/16/2013 AMThere is a secret to the shoulder's up pic look how wide the shoulders are you can tell her size also wrinkles on her neck will tell her true age.

I agree with you about women wanting a man like me with there life together but I want somebody on my level not a women who has enough conflicting issues that would make a seasoned therapist cry.11/16/2013 AMIf you're not happy with who you are or what u look like or how your life is how do u expect others do do so?

The main problem (just an opinion) is that folks online are so consumed with how to present themselves (image) that honesty takes a backseat! Why are so many women holding the camera up above their heads to snap a pic, while using the other arm to lift their breasts. Why are so many women chatting with multiple men simultaneously.

We all know how men screw up when it comes to online dating. While at the same time calling men 'players' for doing the same thing? Why are so many women online seeking a man that has his life 2gether, when a lot of times they have issues that need resolving BEFORE hoping online to start a relationship?! So ladies, the next time you come across an ignorant man online. Because asking silly/stupid questions like 'Are there any good men left? If you are that frustrated with men then leave them the hell alone & go lesbian!

Deceptive advertising refers to the use of confusing or untrue promises by an advertiser in order to mislead the consumer.