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It’s understandable that any parent whose child has been harmed will go through many of their own difficult feelings.One of the primary ways to help your child heal and recover is to balance support and resources for both yourself and your child.We provide in-depth summaries for many of the works written by members of the NCTSN.

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Online weekly support group for parents whose children have been sexually abused.

Online chat board for non-offending parents and caregivers of a child who has been sexually abused.

More Interviewing children who may have been sexually abused is a daunting task fraught with far-reaching consequences for the children, families, institutions, and professionals involved.

Noting that issues such as memory and suggestibility, questioning techniques, the use of media, and false allegations remain hotly contested, the chapters advise on applying available research to professional judgment while drawing also on best practice guidelines and conceptual, clinical, and consensus-based writings.

This book critically analyzes the research on assessing child sexual abuse.