Skylar diggins dating daniel

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But what a lot of people don't know is that she's just as talented in the kitchen – and it all stems from making lemonade out of life's lemons. “ "My body is what I use; it's a big part of the job,” Diggins said. I just want to be a big part of that and make sure that I'm ready and I'm healthy." Whether it's in the kitchen or on the court – when it comes Diggins – the sky is the limit!

"I tore my ACL in 2015, and I was battling back, and I was really just trying to get my body right and get ready for the season,” Diggins told News Fix. I had to pick up hobbies since I wasn't hoopin' so I tried to get in the kitchen and learn how to cook for myself." And now – day in and day out – Diggins looks to herself to make sure she's fueling her body accordingly.

For four years in a row, Skylar paved the Panthers way to the state championship competitions, and helped earn Washington’s winning the title in the 2007 season.

With her skills and the team effort, the Panthers became the nation’s number one ranked team.

Tulsa Shock nominated her third pick in the 2013 draft of the WNBA.