Unicredit bank moscow online dating

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Russian banks do not accept payments with incomplete information, so you should find out about the payment purpose code from the beneficiary in advance.

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Visa and Mastercard are the two most commonly used card types in Russia, although Maestro and Visa Electron cards are sometimes given to young people opening their first account.

While a range of credit cards in Russia are available, they’re not as common as in some European countries.

Most foreign credit cards are typically accepted in hotels and restaurants, although you will still need to pay cash in some places, such as museums, train stations and smaller shops.

In 2015, the Russian authorities began work on a new national payment card known as Mir (world), in response to US sections that caused Visa and Mastercard to stop processing payments for some banks.

Refund of overpaid amount related to a non-resident’s payment to resident for services, works, intellectual property, information provided by a resident and payment for real estate lease (including proceeds obtained from third parties under commission and agency agreements).