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I tweeted: “What a lovely REAL couple – Gabby and Marcel passed my lie detector test with flying colours!” — JUSTIN BIEBER is bringing out a line of plain white T-shirts.

There’s nothing I can do about that.” I’m not sure these fresh blows will help to ease that . She powered through almost as many costume changes as career-spanning hits – that included Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Born This Way – giving BEYONCE, who opened her Formation World our with an impressive nine outfits, a run for her money.

Later in the show Gaga, whose Joanne tour arrives in the UK in October, looked as if she had jumped straight out of bed in a red quilted gown. I CAN reveal CBB housemate SHAUN WILLIAMSON is secretly engaged.

He added: “I have nothing against Lady Gaga, she had some great tracks.

I was never a fan of her performances or music videos as I always felt she was ripping us off.” He also shares his sister’s disapproval over Universal’s forthcoming Madonna biopic, Blond Ambition.

According to bookies, Shaun is already the early front runner to win CBB.